Friday, 21 September 2012

Just Trippin'

A couple of days ago ( Sunday, 16/09/12) I went on a little bit of a road trip. A little bit of a 180km plus times two road trip. I was of course meeting a guy from the internet. As the readers close to me know I am still insisting on doing the internet dating thing with varying degrees of failure and very small amount of success. Success being measured by the fact that I have never once met the rapist/murderer that everyone insists hangs on on dating sites.

I had been speaking to Cityboy for approximately two weeks when before I met him. City boy, as the name suggest is from Melbourne, four hours away from where I live. When we first began talking he commented that the fact that I lived 40kms away was far. When I had to correct him that it was actually 240kms I put him firmly into friend territory. If he thought 40kms was far away surely the truth meant that we would never meet!

We did discuss meeting though. It was agreed we would meet at a very rough half way point of Geelong. However within a day of coming to this decision I was having second thoughts. I messaged Cityboy and told him that I couldn't go through with it. I'd already fallen for one person I couldn't have and I had no intention of doing it again.

Somehow though, Cityboy talked me into changing my mind. I will admit I had a little to do with this, I'm trying to live by the rule of 'Why not?'. If you don't try something, you'll simply never know how it could have turned out. So a day in Geelong was booked in.

As the time neared closer to Sunday our texts began to take on a very sexual nature. As the weekend drew closer the main thought running through my head was 'If it comes to it, where will we have sex?' At this stage I of course had no idea if I would even like the guy or not but hey, I like to be prepareard so I packed a few condoms.

On the day I squeezed myself into some tummy tightening undies, pulled up my tights and put on a dress (relatively easy access, excluding the undies), I set my GPS and headed o Geelong.

Now sticking to my true nature of balloon artist the first thing I did when I arrived was go to the Geelong branch of my old workplace. As soon as I saw the familiar signage I coudn't stop grinning. I know it sounds corny, but it really was like coming home. I loved that job.

Afterward I headed into the city, holding my breath the majority of the way. Being quite a homebody of a country bumpkin, I had had never driven in a town of this size. I was only honked at once so overall I think I did okay. Once I parked my car I went into a maze of a shopping centre to have a look around whilst I waited for Cityboy to arrive. 

When Cityboy did eventually arrive I then had the task of finding him in the aformentioned shopping centre maze. He told me where he was and purely by chance I managed too walk in the right direction.

When I saw him I wil admit I was a little bit dissapointed. I like tall guys. Know I did know the eight of Cityboy before I met him, however in person he just seemed so much shorter then I had pictured. But hey, I was here now so let's make a go of it.

Since neither Cityboy or I were from Geelong neither of us really had any idea of what to do or where to go so we just had a look around. We wandered around the shopping centre for a while before heading outside. After walking several blocks we somehow found ourselves back at the shopping centre. I don't know how, I still can't figure it out but damn it we were back in there!

I knew Geelong had some pretty good vintage markets so it was decided that we would try and find our way to them. I typed the address into Google Maps and we headed of in the general direction of the markets. We walked for what actually seemed quite some time and Cityboy eventually asked jokingly if I was leading him of to some dark alley to murder him. At least I hope he was joking...

But we did eventually find the markets. We browsed the three story building for a couple of hours eventually just hanging out on the third floor. This seemed to be the dumping ground for some very average furniture including several couches. No we weren't naughty, though I do suspect he was thinking about it. we sat there and talked, showing each other photos until closing time neared.

Cityboy and I headed back in the direction of the main street. As we walked I remembered having seen a sex shop on my drive in. Not telling Cityboy what I was thinking we just kept walking, eventually stopping outside what was sadly a closed sex shop. Revealing my intentions I did a fast bit of Googling work, sourcing another sex shop nearby. When we arrived at this one it was at least open.

Walking inside I took in the usual display of phallic objects and scraps of fabric hanging on coat hangers. It was smaller then my local shop, but with a better range of stock. As I suspected I would be, I was the only girl in the shop. After taking a good look around I headed to the counter with a bottle of strawberry lube. Unlike the owner at my local shop, the guy behind the counter was definitely not creepy. He actually reminded me of the old man character from the movie UP!

We went back to the car park and it was quickly decided we would have a look at another nearby sex shop, Sexyland. As soon as I walked inside I was amazed.The place was huge! It had so many things! I just wanted to buy everything that I'd ever wanted online! But I didn't. It was very easy to see just how massively the products had been marked up compared to the online store I usually shop at.

After this it was food time and after food time neither of us had no idea what to do next. As we had been waiting for dinner Cityboy had been texting me that he thought I was cute and that he was up for anything. I took 'up for anything' to mean sex and at this stage I was also up for anything.

We headed down to the waterfront and walked around for a little bit. The water there is so creepy compared to the live ocean that I have here. With every step I expected Cityboy to make a move. But he didn't. We headed back to the car and he said that he should take me back to my car. I suggested that we could just drive around for a bit. So we did.

We eventually ended up parked in a fairly secluded area. We just sat there for a bit, just talking, me still waiting for him to make a move. When he once again said that he should take me back to my car, that he didn't know what else we could do. I said (referencing a conversation from earlier that week) that I was still waiting for him to be naughty.

'Like this?'

With that Cityboy finally kissed me.

After kissing in the front seat for a little while he suggest we switch to the back. So we did. After making out for what seemed like a short time he had his pants of and soon after I had squirmed my way out of mine. With very little foreplay he was asking me to ride him and I was climbing aboard.

There was however one issue with this. I'm 6ft tall. It was just not possible for me to ride his dick without hitting my head on the roof of the car. We switched to missionary which was much more comfortable. 

We had one more issue after this however. Be it nerves or fear of being caught, after fucking me for a while Cityboy would begin to go soft. This actually didn't concern me to much however. I used this interim period to give myself a little extra stimulation. As he was still poised on top of me I would stroke his cock and use the head of it to rub my clit. It felt so damn good. When he grew hard again we would simply resume sex.

We continued this for some time before switching it up with a blowjob. Apparently I am skilled in this area and Cityboy was soon enjoying himself. When my mouth became sore I used my hands, directing his own hands to my pussy. With his mouth on my right nipple and his fingers on my clit I was soon grinding against his hand. As I came closer I placed his hand lower down, fingers inside me and began to rub my clit myself. I came hard and fast.

Switching my attentions back to Cityboy I continued to stroke his cock. At his direction I began to fondle his balls as his own hand took over where mine had been. I watched, fascinated as he stroked himself until he came.

We sat there for a little while afterward, wriggling our way back into our clothes. I had finally had sex in a car. Finally another something I could cross off my list.

We then headed back to the car park so that I could find my little car and start the three hour trip home. There was just one other little hurdle to deal with first though. My poor little car had been locked in the car park!  Calling the number for after hours service a very nice security guard was able to let us in. My car once again in my possession and Cityboy dropped back at his own car I was finally on my way home. A long and tiring drive was to follow before I finally arrived home at one in the morning.

I honestly never expected to hear from Cityboy again, but here we are nearly a week later still talking. He say's he wants to see me again and I've agreed. I'm assuming because of the distance he only wants sex and I'm okay with that. A regular fuck buddy would be a very welcome thing to have again. After everything with GC (Mr Good Company has now been abbreviated) I will admit I'm just a little bit afraid of falling for him. I never want to go through a mess like that again. I can only hope that the distance between myself and Cityboy will be enough of a deterrent.

Note: Just a little shout out to the crowd here. One of my regular readers and confidants wanted his own Jess Carlson brand name. So to honour his request, a big hello to Man with a Hat (MWAH)! Never say I don't keep my word folks!

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Past: Part One

'Women r stupid, manipulative and unpredictable creatures sent from the fires of hell to distrupt my perfect life... Except you. You are my friend. You are like a terminator. You look like one of them but you are normal.'

That is a direct quote from my friend G-string. It gave me the biggest laugh in a long time! Now onto more serious topics, I told you I'd tell you about the last two guys I was seeing so here I am.

The first guy, let's call him Number Three, is/was studying to be a massage therapist. I met him in my usual way of online dating. I'd added him on the dating site many months before I met him. After I spoke to him I had come to the conclusion he was needy and too apologetic. I could't log on without him saying hello and after a few seconds of not  replying he would be apologising for bothering me. Have some balls man!

But after months of trying not to talk to this needy guy I ended up sooking to him after it became apparent to me that things were never going to go anywhere with Willow. During those few months of not talking to him he seemed to have normalised a bit, or maybe I was just lonely. But after another week of chatting we agreed to meet. We agreed to met a few blocks from my place, as I was walking there I could see him waiting outside the hotel. I don't know whey (except that I'm a wuss) but I kind of ducked out of site and hid until I decided to suck it up and go meet the guy.  We walked to the movies, talking a bit on the way. We went and saw The Avengers and by golly it was an awesome movie!

By the time the movie had finished we had relaxed more and we walked back to my place where we watched a couple of movies. As it came around to 1am, Number Three said it was probably time for him to leave. Looking at him* I replied 'Or' and then I kissed him. Let me stop here and point something out, this was the first physical contact of a sexual nature the guy'd had in two years. It didn't take much to make him excited that's for sure!

Unfortunately for me, Number Three turned out to be a bit of a good boy. Despite my best encouragement tactics I could barely entice him to feel my breasts and there was no chance I was going to be loosing any clothes that night.

I ended up straddling him, kissing him and feeling his cock. At first I only teased, slipping my hand just under the waistband of his jeans. Eventually though I gave in and started stroking him. I just couldn't resist! As I stroked him I seriously thought that he was going to cum in his pants. Number Three was just sitting there, leaning back, eyes shut with a big smile on his face. Every now and then Number Three would fight against me, pushing me back and trying to hold me still. He would eventually let me win though and I would resume playing with him.

After he left that night there continued to be a lot of texting going on between us. I of course wanted to see him again but he was busy was study and din't know when he would be free. I was cool with that so I didn't push the issue. 

On the Friday night a week after we had first met I was texting him as usual. At one point in the conversatinon I asked Number Three if he was scared of seeing me again and he said that I was. I was a little sad about this I will admit. Not ten minutes after I heard a knowck at my door. Expecting my sister I opened the door without bra and wearing my flannelette pyjamas. 

It wasn't my sister, it was Number Three. I told him to wait there, slammed the door shut and quickly ran inside to put some decent clothes on before letting Number Three in. He could't stay long as he was meeting his sister and her boyfriend for dinner. Sitting on the couch we started watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory. After maybe ten minutes, I looked at him and told him there was no way I could behave. I leaned over and kissed him.

After kissing for a very short while he began wrestling me away again. It was actually kinda fun. We did this until it was time for him to leave, alternating a little bit of kissing with play fighting. 

I was ridiculously happy that night, no guy had ever been nice to pay me a surprise visit before. I loved it!

Sadly, as you no doubt have already realised, this doesn't have a happy ending. Number Three led me on for several weeks after that. We'd make dates, only for him to cancel at the last minute. He'd have to take his cousin home or help his sister with something. These activities always finished early in the evening but instead of reinstating ou arrangements I'd always receive the reply of 'I'm too tired' or 'I just want to relax tonight'. 

I didn't want to, but in the end I gave up. This was a guy who insisted he really liked me before and after we first met but then he went cold. I thought he was just busy, since he was still 'trying' to meet with me. I finally gave up though when his absence in the middle of one of our conversations. I 'yelled' at him via chat and eventually received a reply back asking 'Why are you angry with me? I'm talking to someone I really like! Should I just stop talking to them'?

I didn't say anything back then. I just gave up. Up until that moment I had thought the person he really liked was me.