Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Day My Life Changed

Day my Roughly 12 months ago, on I believe the 28th of December, someone accepted a contact request I had sent out from the dating site I had signed up to the previous day. This was first person to accept any of my requests. What followed was a conversation lasting several hours with someone calling himself  'Good-Company'.

It was a halting conversation at first. Neither of us (I assume) really knew what to talk about. Our first topic ended up being the movie 'Tron: Legacy' which he had recently seen. We eventually moved onto other topics, the local hunt for misbehaving P-Platers, this towns over enthusiasm  for heritage listing houses beyond repair.

The conversation, to be the first of many, ended with Good-Company saying 'Wel'' have to catch up when I get back into town.'

I wasn't to sure about this, the idea of actually meeting any of these online people hadn't actually crossed my mind at this point. 'Yeah maybe. We'll see what happens.'

I still laugh at that. 'We'll see what happens.' What happened? Well as I'm sure you can gather this was my to be my first encounter with the infamous Mr Good-Company.

A few days later, after many more hours of online conversations, Mr Good-Company and I met. Later that night I had my first kiss. A day later I recieved oral for the first time. A month later I gave my first blow job. After several eventful months I found myself losing my virginity to Mr Good-Company.

Somehow, and surprisingly quickly, Mr Good-Company had become a very important friend to me. Without even meaning to he had helped raise my self confidence and helped me to see the attractiveness in my overweight body. Even now I feel the effect of his attention then. The self-confidence I have now compared to twelve months ago still amazes me. I know I've said it many a time, but I will never be able to thank Mr Good-Company enough for helping me find that self-confidence.

I never expected when Mr Good-Company began chatting with me, that he would still be a part of my life twelve months on. His part in my life is greatly reduced now due to distance, but I still consider him a very important friend.

He's coming down here to visit in a couple of weeks. I've had to buy a 'grown-up' bed. Up until now I've only had a single bed. I must say that I'm rather excited about the prospect, not just of his visit, but of having a new big bed!

We're going to attempt anal again and I have also ordered a Shibari book, which should arrive in time for us to try using it's contents in our play.

Mr Good-Company has also suggested I try tying him up and using him for pleasure. I must admit that I find the prospect rather daunting. We've tried tying him up only once before, when I was much newer to this whole 'sex' game. I had absolutely no idea what to do with him! Here's hoping we have a bit more success this time.

But that will be a whole new year. As for this year? It has been amazing. It's been hard sometimes, I'm never going to deny that. Things often didn't work out as I'd hoped, but I have no regrets. I have learnt so much about myself and gained so much. I learnt about sex, I learnt about my own likes and dislikes. Most important of all I gained so much self confidence and made a wonderful friend. All I can say to this person is 'thank you'. Thank you for my amazing year full of wonderful experiences. So far this has been the best year of my life. Here's to many more.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Simply Sadness

It was nearly 12 months ago now that I joined the dating site. So much has changed since then and so much hasn't. As I sit here writing this I feel the same sadness in my chest that I was feeling 12 months ago. I am crying and my usual smile is so far away. I am still incredibly lonely.

I have so many more friends now than I did 12 months ago, both online and in real life. But I still feel so much as if I am missing something. I want someone who I can hug for no reason and who I know will hug me back. I want to go to sleep at night with someone in my bed who I'll want to wake up to the next day.

I know that these are all the clich├ęd wants of a single person. Perhaps it's my loneliness creating them, perhaps they are something that I genuinely need. I don't know. But right now I feel so sad and those are the only wants that I have.

I still wonder sometimes if I would have been better off never having met Mr Good-Company. I never would have known how nice something as simple as holding hands is, how nice it is to kiss someone, how nice it is to wake up beside someone. Yet at the same time I cherish those memories for the pleasure they gave me. The only thing I would trade those memories for is love.

I have truely come to the realisation that I am never going to find what I am looking for in this town. This doesn't help my sadness. I love it here. The beach, most of the people, the general feel of the place. I have lived in many different towns across my short life, but to me this is home. Even when I didn't actually live here, this was home When I'm angry and need to escape, this town, the beach; this is my home. I'm going to miss it.

I am thinking of leaving here at the end of 2012. Yes, I know I was thinking of leaving here at the end of this year as well. This time there is more cement behind my intentions though. I'm thinking of moving to Geelong. My sister lives there and as of next year so will my best friend. There is another branch of the retail outlet I work for there as well. After talking to my manager today, I now know that staff transfers are possible between stores as well.

There are several reasons why I am going to wait another year, survive another year of being alone before I go through with this move. The first is the most superficial: there are still 12 months before my gym membership expires and I can't afford to waste the money I paid for it. My second reason is also financial. I assume it's likely that renting will be more expensive there. I need to save money for both the move itself and to pay the bond of wherever I end up.

As for my third reason? Well that's career based. I plan on furthering my standing within the company within the next 12 months. I have only been employed by them for a year but I already work as many hours as the manager and have become one of the more knowledgeable members of our staff. I'm not bragging. I am good at my job and believe I have the skills to take it further. Over the next 12 months I plan to continue working my hardest and to undertake the necessary training to development my management skills. Give me 5 years and I plan on managing one of our stores. Just you watch me do it!

I know that it's a bit early for New Years resolutions. But I resolve that 2012 shall be my stepping stone year. I'm going to work hard, build my skills, save my money and leave the town I love. As for 2013? I'm an optimist. My fingers are already crossed.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Is it Working?

Well, my webcam works. I tested it out with Mr Good-Company last night. Was it working? No. Due to my indredibly bad internet the picture had frozen. But when I finally managed to connect properly, things became a whole lot more entertaining.

I was quite hesitant at first. I'm going to admit that I had spent quite some time earlier in the evening figuring out how to point the camera at my 'best angle'. I think I managed.

I didn't want to show my face of course, but Mr Good-Company had no such qualms. I watched him set up his camera and sit at the end of the bed, spreading his legs and taking hold of his cock. I watched, taking hold of my vibe, which instantly lost the majority of it's power. 

You see, the first time I managed to connect my vibe still had full power, but in the 15 minutes or so when my connection failed, so did my vibe. 

I continued to enjoy what was left of my vibe before inserting one of my new dildos. I slowly began to fuck myself with it, using the vibe on my clit before switching to my fingers. All the while watching Mr Good-Company.

I came, and continued to gently rub myself. I watched Mr Good-Company walk towards the screen. I watched his cock, and he began to type:

Mr Good-Company: fuck it hard
Mr Good-Company: i m gonnna cum watching u
Jess Carlson: nice
Mr Good-Company: i came real hard
Jess Carlson: i could see
Jess Carlson: i did twice, my vibe died halfway thru lol
Mr Good-Company: i think i could go another quick go
Mr Good-Company: i love to hear you
Jess Carlson: oh really?
Mr Good-Company: yeah
Jess Carlson: well it's one of the benifits of living alone
Mr Good-Company: hehe id moan loud but not living alone
Jess Carlson: i know lol

So we had another go. I picked a new vibe. The orange one I at bought at Sexpo. 'Big Boss' it's called on the box. I just call it the orange one. This one was at full charge and I soon found myself cuming again. Moaning all the while...

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Funny Faces

A couple of days ago I tried something I have never done before. I watched Mr Good-Company play with himself via webcam. I loved it.

I played the entire time. He just looked so good, so delicious. I wanted his cock in my mouth. A couple of days later I watched him again, once again playing. After several minutes, just as I was beginning to orgasm, a message popped up on my screen 'Moan louder. I think I can hear you'. I didn't even know my laptop had a microphone! So moan I did. I came several times within minutes, my bullet being wonderfully powerful.

Those two times that I watched Mr Good-Company, I didn't have a webcam of my own. Yesterday I went shopping. I only installed my new toy today, but I've been sitting here all evening pulling funny faces at myself. It's strangely amusing. I'm hoping that Mr God-Company will be around soon for me to test out my cam properly.

Speaking of Mr Good-Company, I've been trying to arrange another meeting between the two of us. I'm not having much luck unfortunately. He doesn't seem to know his work schedule in advance which makes it very hard for me to find time off work and go down to the city.

I really want to meet up again. I'm not sure if he's afraid that I will become to attached again, but I have no intention of letting that happen. I have know Mr Good-Company nearly a year now. For me to hope for more now I would be insulting my own intelligence. I think very highly of my intelligence. I am not a stupid person. I want sex and I want friendship. I'm having no luck finding either of those things in this town. Mr Good-Company seems to be my only option. My fingers are crossed that we can sort something out.

On another totally unrelated note, I have a few congratulations to offer. First of all I would love to  congratulate my best friend Anita on graduating from uni and for finding herself an internship as a radiologist all in the same week. Love ya!

I would also like to congratulate my wonderful American friend Zelda on her engagement. Good luck to you and your Dom Chicka. Grins.

Last but not least congratulations to Mr Good-Company for being accepted into the uni course he was after. Well done mate!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Missed Privilege

Now I've been in a bit of a writing mood lately but due to a busy schedule and general tiredness I've found that at the end of the day I just couldn't be bothered putting that thinking cap on. But tonight I did. Now I generally don't write stories with the pleasure of anyone but myself in mind, but tonight I was thinking of Mr Good-Company so I wrote with him in mind. I offered to share it with him first, but now he has missed out on the privilege. I'm going to continue to refine this, but here's the story so far:

You walk into the room and walk straight over to the bed. I watch as you undress, pulling your shirt over your head and sliding your jeans down past your hips and to the ground. You're hard already. As I walk towards the bed I continue to watch you're erection, it fascinates me.

I sit down beside you and you kiss me hard against my mouth, sliding your hand up under my skirt and between my legs as you do. I gasp as your fingers brush past my clit. As I reach out my hand to your leg, to your cock, you continue to rub your hand between my thighs. Brushing my clit, reaching inside of me and back to my clit.

I begin to moan, pushing my mouth hard against yours. Your fingers begin to stroke my pussy harder and faster. You pause for a moment, reaching up to remove my bra and shirt. The moment my breasts are free you're mouth seeks out one of my nipples. As you hold it up to your mouth and flick your tongue against it in a quick succession of little movements, you're other hand finds it's way back between my legs. Back to my clit, back to my pussy.

I feel you bite my nipples, the pain quickly intensifying as you switch between the two. You're rubbing and stroking my pussy faster and harder and I begin to moan. I feel my orgasm begin to build as I move your mouth back to mine. I'm moaning now. What you're doing between my legs feels so good!

I can't concentrate on kissing any more, though my face remains close to yours. My breath comes in gasps. Your fingers move faster. I feel my muscles clench as I push my body down onto your hand, coming hard against it.

I rest my head against your shoulder for a moment, until I hear a voice in my ear.

'Suck my cock'.

I look up at you and grin.

I begin to rub my had gently against your balls as I take your shaft into my mouth. I gently flick my tongue over your knob and then I begin to suck.

I keep rubbing your balls as I tighten my mouth over your cock and slowly begin to slide more of it inside of me, filling my mouth. As I begin to move my mouth up and down your shaft I move my fingers lower, rubbing the spot just behind your balls

Each time I move my head, I tease your shaft with my tongue, flicking and licking

'Lick my balls'.

I stop and instead begin to rub my hand up and down your cock as I move my mouth further south. I start licking your balls, small strokes and long as I continue moving my hand up and down your cock. Moving my head again I press firmly with my tongue behind your balls, rubbing the tip of your cock with my hand

You groan as I do so and pull my head back towards your cock

I flick the tip of your cock with my tongue, tasting your precum before I take all of you into my mouth. Pressing down, my lips flush against the base of your cock, I feel you at the back of my throat

I move up and down slowly before I feel your hands take hold of my head. You move my head up and down You begin to thrust into me, each time your cock hitting the back of my throat. 

I begin to groan slightly as you move my head faster and faster. I know that you're close now.

You're moving my head as fast as it could possibly go now, the gaps between when your cock hits the back of my throat are shorter and shorter.

With one final thrust you push my head right down, my lips flush against the base of your cock. I hear you groan and I feel your cock spasm in my mouth.

You continue to groan as my mouth fills with cum. I swallow and your cock spasms again, filling my mouth with cum once more.

You hold my head there for a few seconds once you're finished. When you remove you hands from my head I sit up, lick the last of your moisture from my lips and grin.

Now I'm sure there's a bit more editing to done there, or a few details that might be simply incorrect from a guys perspective. Since my usual male editor (not Mr Good-Company) has recently pulled a disappearing act, I would very much appreciate it if any of male readers out there could provide me with and feedback on that aspect of things and just any feedback in general would be awesome. Thanks for reading folks!