Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Be gentle!

Well, here it is, my first attempt at an erotic story. I've wanted to try this for sometime now and finally found the guts to do it. Please feel free to criticize and leave feedback. If there is something that would have worked better, tell me. It's the only way I'm ever going to improve. Enjoy.

James opens the door and enters the lounge room. He catches a whiff of cinnamon, the scent coming from Jess's cup of chai. As he breathes in the intoxicating scent he notices Jess herself, curled up on the couch asleep, wrapped in a blanket. She has been home sick for several days, better now but still in a lazy mood she has decided to stay home for just one more day. Just one more day of sleeping in and watching bad tv.

He can't help but smile as he sees her, all curled up and peaceful looking. James walks over and kisses the top of her head, breathing in the floral scent of her shampoo. Jess stirs and smiles up at him. Opening her eyes, she pulls him down on top of her into a massive hug.

Jess now struggles to sit up from under James's weight. He moves aside so that she is sitting curled up into his arm, the blanket still wrapped around her long legs. Unable to help himself, James pulls her in even closer and kisses her gently on the lips. He slowly slides his tongue into her mouth and feels her start to respond.

Jess pushes her mouth harder against James's and moves her tongue to match his. She can feel his hands begin to slide under her blanket, and James takes hold of her waist and pulls her onto his lap.

James pushes the blanket out of the way so that he can see his beautiful girl as she sits astride his lap. Jess's curvy figure is hidden by the oversized flannelette shirt she wears. James undoes the buttons, fumbling slightly on the first one and pushed the folds of the shirt aside.With the shirt now hanging from Jess's shoulders, he can see her heavy breasts and the curve of her belly. Kissing her exposed neck, James begins to feel himself grow hard.

Jess holds James's head as he begins to kiss her softly. As he moves along her collarbone, eventually finding her nipples she feels herself tremble slightly. As much as she enjoys the biting and teasing pain he sometimes inflicts, this tenderness James sometimes displays, makes her want him so much more.

As he continues to kiss her, moving back and forth between her mouth and nipples, Jess reaches down and unzips his pants. She holds his erection in her hands and slowly begins to play with the it. As she runs her fingers across his cock, feeling the pre-cum oozing from the tip, James gasps and kisses her harder, pressing his face into hers, holding her head in his hands.

James pulls Jess's body even closer to his, her nipples brushing up against his chest. He can feel her hands on his cock, feel her trembling as she strokes him. Just as he's thinking how much he wants this beautiful woman, he feels Jess begin to rub his cock against her pussy. She is wet. Very wet.

Jess lets out a short gasp as she slides his cock into her body. The warmth of him always shocks her and fills her up. This first moment, more so than the climax that is to come later, is her favourite part of sex.

As she begins to ride him, James holds her tight by the hips, helping support her as she moves, kissing the nipples that are so close to his face.

Jess can feel her clit rubbing against James's pelvic bone, causing her to let out small moans to match each movement of his cock inside her. She can hear James as well, his own small moans of pleasure exciting her even more.

She kisses him and as she does so she feels one of his hands leave her hips and begin to fondle her clit, creating even more of that wonderful friction than there was before.

After several moments of this Jess begins to feel her orgasm building. She can't concentrate on kissing James as she slowly begins to lose control.

As Jess begins to move faster James can feel how swollen her clit is, he knows that she's going to cum soon. Concentrating on the feel of her around his cock, James knows that it won't be all to soon before he cums as well.

Jess's moves faster and faster. Feeling James cock, feeling his hand on her hip and the other on her clit, she begins to climax. As her vaginal muscles tighten and release, she lets out a long moan and digs her fingernails deep into James's shoulders, relishing the moment.

James watches her cum. Her eyes squeezed shut, her mouth hanging open as she groans, her whole body trembling in arms. As she continues to move, riding her orgasm to completion, James feels his own climax. His balls start to tighten and he ejaculates deep inside of his girl, letting out a strangled moan as he does so.

Jess collapses against James's chest and he wraps his arms around her. Holding her tight against him, James kisses the top of her head. This sick day was definitely worth it.

It's the little things

It's funny how you come to miss people, even if things turned sour at the end.

Mr Good-Company moved (I think) a few days ago, but before that he cut off contact with me. I went to tell him a random Doctor Who fact via Facebook and discovered that he had unfriended me. He never replied when I asked why, so I deleted him from my contacts on the chat site. I didn't want to be deleted twice, as I'm sure my contact on the chat site would have been his next target. He never got his DVD back in the end. I meant to bring it with me that last time I visited but I forgot it. He didn't ask for it back before he left either. I guess I'll drop it off at an Op Shop. I don't want it.

Even though things didn't work out that we could be friends in the end, I still find that I miss him a bit. For all he insisted we were just fuck buddies, to me he was a friend, right up until the end really. It's the feeling of having that friendship that I miss as well as the little things from back when our arrangement was still working.

I miss seeing our facebook chats; 'Hey', 'How's life?', 'Getting any?' and my standard responses that followed. Generally always the same start to the convo. I miss having someone I can text saying 'I'm horny' and having him respond with something along the lines of 'Well we'd better do something about that then'. Or things like him always commenting on my constant shaking

I know we hadn't done things like that for months before it ended, but it's these fun moments, the little things, the companionship I sometimes had. These are the things that I miss.

This was all an absolutely massive thing for me. Not just the sexual things, but everything. It was a pretty massive crush I had on him in the beginning after all, though I'm not sure when it faded, I know it had long before things went bad.

I assume that it's only natural that it will take me a little while to move on from it all. But move on I shall. I'm young. Mr Good-Company will be the first of many. I am an optimist after all.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

I Really am that Naive

So yesterday I asked Mr Good-Company to read my previous entry, telling him that when he had done that I had a question to ask him. He said he read it (I didn't believe him) but I asked my question anyway. 'Can we have sex once more before you leave?' His reply was 'maybe'. I was okay with that.

Tonight I asked him if he had an answer for me or if he was still thinking. He chose not to respond at all, ignoring me completely. Finally, after I lost my temper and sent some slightly abusive texts, he replied with 'fine then, no.' I don't know if this would have been his answer if I hadn't asked for a response so soon, but I did ask. I wouldn't have had a problem if he hadn't made a decision yet, I would have just left it that. Instead of telling me he hadn't made up his mind yet, or even 'no', Mr Good-Company took the cowards way out and chose to ignore me all together.

After out conversation the other night I was thinking that we could be friends. He apologised for after-all. Now, after being ignored tonight I feel instead that all he wanted from that conversation was a blow job. That hurts. A lot. I had thought that I couldn't be so gullible, so naive as to be used like that. Apparently I was wrong.

I wish I wasn't so quick to trust the words of people. I wish I could always assume the worse before it happens. Being used, that hurts. Knowing that if I weren't so gullible I probably could have prevented it from happening, well that hurts even more.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The End of my Beginning

I think, rather needless to say actually, that I was very angry when I last wrote. I asked for readers to back up my point of view. To make my anger justified. I am ever so thankfull, that a good many of you disagreed. I was provided with many different reasonings for Mr Good-Company's behaviour and just as many very honest opinions of my own behaviour. I think I needed to hear it, even if it didn't help my anger.

That was two weeks ago. I said my bit to Mr Good-Company and left it at that. I had no idea if we'd be able to remain friends or if it had all ended in bad spirits. I decided not to push things and simply not speak to him again. This went well for a week and a half until I accidently started an MSN chat with him (I had another person using the same name as Mr Good-Company). It wasn't sure what to do. I just said 'whoops, wrong (insert name)' and left it that, not expecting a reply. But Mr Good-Company did reply and a conversation flowed from there.

It felt awkward. There is no other word for it. I didn't know what to say I just tried my best to keep to 'safe' topics. I think I managed. I was still angry with him, coming to terms with the fact that I would not be recieving the goodbye I wanted. I was glad when that conversation ended.

Tonight I was once again online when Mr Good-Company started chatting to me. This completely blew my mind. I can probably count the number of times he's started a conversation with me on one hand and it was always because he wanted fun, but this time he was apparently just bored. The conversation was tense (at least on my end) but eventually it relaxed and we ended up talking about how things went wrong with our arrangment. Communication and different expectations were definitely the killer between us. I'm currently considering a fuck buddy arrangement with someone else. I have no intention of making the same mistakes, but more about that later.

Eventually the conversation returned to what seems to be our default topic, sex. By this time the conversation was flowing easily and we somehow ended up talking about eczema, soft hands and what said hands could do. Mr Good-Company suggested we should compare. I replied with 'Just putting it out there, but we could have some farewell fun. Your call.' He replied with 'Sure, why not' and we talked about not having expectations a little bit more. I then went over to his place.

I don't know if I'm imagining things, but it was rather intense. I don't feel like going into detail right now (maybe I'll add those bits later) but fuck! Mr Good-Company did a better job of eating me out than ever before. He has never made me come just from oral, there have always been fingers or toys involved. But this time, boy did he manage it! Whilst we're on the topic of oral, I do believe I gave the best blow job of my life in return.

I wanted to have sex as well, but it didn't happen. Surprisingly though, I feel that I can live with that. I am of course going to asked for just one more meeting before he moves away in a fortnights time. Farewell fun is pretty awesome, but I'm sure goodbye sex could more than match it.

As it is, I'm happy with this current ending. Even though I had managed to come to terms with not having the goodbye I wanted, I was still unhappy about it. Unhappy about the lack of goodbye and unhappy about the awkwardness that had come between us. Tonight I received more than my goodbye. Too say that I'm glad things are now ending on good terms would be a definite understatement. In fact, the only thing that could make this ending any better would be sex!